David Carson

David Carson

RayGun David Carson

David Carson is an American graphic designer, an art director and an old timedc7 professional surfer, born September 8 1954. With an interest in graphic design he attended the Oregon College of Commercial Art and during that time had the opportunity to work with Hans-Rudolf Lutz, who became a great influence on his work. Carson became an art director of the magazine ‘Transworld Skateboarding’, and it was during the four years working there that he developed his non-mainstream photographic techniques and his ‘dirty’ style of graphic design. As his career developed he moved through multiple sporting magazines and the alternative music and lifestyle magazine ‘ray gun’ where he started to gain fame as a designer. From 1995-1998 Carson worked with many large companies as a designer, companies like Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban, Nike, Microsoft, Giorgio Armani and many others.

Aftdc6er 2004 Carson became the Creative director for Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, at which time he also worked on a special edition of surfing magazine and directed a television commercial, expanding his area odc2f work. In more recent years Carson picked up contracts to work with Quicksilver as the design director for the Quicksilver pro Surfing contest in Biarritz, France and New York City. Carson also worked on poster design for an international film festival in San Sebastian, and other magazines and newspapers in Spain and Portugal.

            Today he is a well-known graphic designer and has lectured, held workshops and many exhibitions all around the world. Both Carson’s ‘dirty’ style of graphic design and his individual style of photography have helped him to stand out and gain recognition as a surf, skate and lifestyle graphic designer.







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