Stefan Sagmeister

1370_253x190Born in 1962 in Bregenz, Austria Stefan Sagmeister has designed album covers for Lou reed, Ok go, the rolling stones David Byrne, Aerosmith, Pat Methany

In 2005 Sagmeister received a Grammy award in the best-boxed or special limited edition package category for art directing once in a lifetime box set by talking headsAizone1_1_1800_1114_75

He’s the author of the design monograph “made you look” which was published by Booth-clibborn editionsBrian-eno-and-David-Byrne_20_1800_1114_75

His motto is “design that guts from the creator and still curries the ghost of these guts in final execution”

He teaches in graduate department of the school of visual arts in New york

Vilcek2_1_1800_1114_75His fields of experience are Graphic design and film

He is different from other artists he literally creates the art work he had his one of his work colleagues carved into his skin for an advertisement for the AIGA

He also received a second Grammy award for his design on David Byrne and Brian Eno album ‘Everything that happens will happen today’ in the Grammy award for best recording package category on January 31st 2010

AIGA Detroit

For this lecture poster for Aiga Detroit we tried to visualize the pain that seems to accompany most of our design projects. Our intern Martin cut all the type into my skin.

sagmeisterYes it did hurt real bad

Stefan SagmeisterStefan4_500_500_75

Jessica Walsh


Wade JeffreeWade_500_500_75Santiago_500_500_75Santiago Carrasqullia

Links to all my information

Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness (youtube)

Sagmeister 08(youtube)

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off(youtube)


One Comment on “Stefan Sagmeister”

  1. clea1g says:

    Good post Tyler! You don’t really explain who all the people included at the end are which is a little puzzling. Like, I know who they are because I am familiar with him, but you should clarify it for those who do not. Hope you watched those Youtube clips, I particularly like the one on Design & Happiness (that I couldn’t get to play when I tried to show the class a few weeks ago).
    A truly inspirational designer our Stefan…

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