David Carson

“Of course I could make beautiful brochures that everyone can read well. But life is too short to do boring things.”

David Carson is an American Graphic designer who was born in 1954. As early as the age of fourteen, he is one of the world’s top eight surfers.

Carson2        Carson1

In 1977 he completed his studies in sociology “with honors and distinction” from San Diego State University. After he takes part in a two-week workshop in graphic design at the age of 26, he is convinced that this is the right thing for him. He begins a course in graphics at the University of San Diego and the Oregon College of Commercial Art, his education but not completed. In the years 1982-1987 he worked as a teacher of sociology, psychology, economics and history at Torrey Pines High School in Del Mar.

In the years from 1982 Carson violated any typographical and design rules for its design. He breaks with reading habits and works with a constant change of font sizes, types and styles (bold, italic). Words overlap, sets break off in the middle word, it creates a typeface whose readability is not guaranteed. Slashed photos are rearranged doubled and combined with text as a separate design element. David works less for a particular concept, but rather intuitive and free. In his opinion, it is time to break the old design rules and creating a new vision for typography, images, and overall design.

Carson3 Carson4

To date, David works as a graphic designer and consultant for companies such as Bose Corporation, Quicksilver, Dali Museum active and has already several books (The End of Print (1995), 2nd Sight (1997), Photo Grafiks (1999) , Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing, (2003) published.



One Comment on “David Carson”

  1. clea1g says:

    Great post. Get the library to order in his book TREK form Kingscliff campus for you. It only takes a day or two for them to to get it in for you.
    I think you would really enjoy it….

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