Alan Fletcher

Fletcher spent his early years in England spending time in a variety of schools. Initially he was a school teacher but moved on to art school where he met his (later) collaborators/partners Forbes and Crosby. He initiated a student exchange to New York in the 1950s. Here he was exposed to a vibrant design community. He was proactive in seeking out potential teachers and mentors. After 2 years thriving in this environment where he met and worked with leading US designers and artists he began to make his mark as a graphic designer. Following marriage, circumstances led to him eventually returning to England. Here he worked with Forbes and Gill as partners. An early initiative was to establish the Design Directors Association modeled on a similar body in New York.  He was a significant figure in raising the profile of design in Great Britain.

The group won some significant and international commissions such as Shell and Reuters news agency in the mid 1960’s


Subsequently they were able to move to huge multidisciplinary projects. More people as collaborators/partners led to the business name Pentogram (1972).

vandaThe Victoria and Albert museum logo.

1992 Fletcher now financially and professionally secure, moved away from corporate work to focus on freelancing for example his work with the book publisher Phaidon.

Fletcher was well known for his wit and satire and his capacity to make images ‘speak’.


mind over matter

a grapefruitcollage


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