Charles Eames

The fabulous Eames Story

“Good design never changes. But times do, and our commitment to the environment is always part of our manufacturing”. The designer couple Eames in the first half of the 20th century could have said this, but instead this is Vitra’s International business philosophy. The Swiss Company is for many years successfully manufacturing a product line of designer furniture for the use in offices, homes and public areas originally designed by Charles Eames (1907–1978) and his wife Ray Kaiser Eames. The creative couple became with its ground breaking work one of the most famous and important designers of the last century.


The Eames worked over a life time period in furniture design, but also in the fields of architecture, industrial and graphic design, fine art, film and photography. In the late 1940s Charles and Ray designed and built the famous Eames House.  They laid the basics for further industrial building constructions in using innovative materials of pre-fabricated steel parts for hand construction within a few days.

In furniture design new materials, techniques, shapes — these were what interested the designer couple, which set them miles apart from other American designers in the 1940s. In 1941 Charles Eames won the first prize at the Organic Design in Home Furnishings Competition for the “Organic Design Chair”, made from molded plywood, wood, foam rubber and fabric.


The couple pioneered materials such as fibre glass, plastic resin and wire mesh. Economical material use, clean, simple shape and forms cradle the body for comfortable sitting were such as important as lightness for easy transport but also for stable standing and low costs of industrial production.


Their first one-piece plastic chair with no upholstery and covering was mass produced by the American company Herman Miller Inc. in 1948 and later on by the Swiss company Vitra International: “Today’s Charles and Ray Eames chairs are authentic original design with updated, eco-friendly materials”.


Probably without realising the history people around the world are sitting on chairs designed by the Eames. Contemporary and modern furniture designs are based on their fundamental and inspirational design work.


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