Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

Born in France on  the 18th of January 1949 he was educated in France and in1968 founded his first firm wich specialized in inflatable objects in 1969 he became the director of this firm . Since 1975 he has worker as interior designer and  product designer, in 1982 he designed the interior of the private apartments of the French president, in 2002 he created a number of designs that were relatively inexpensive for a large American retailer target stores his


most recent designs include an optical mouse for Microsoft, several yachts and a new packing for a beer company and was commissioned by virgin galactic ”spaceport” he has also designed stylized toothbrushes a sleek juicer “juicy salif”wireless speakers for iPod or iPhone he also designed hard drive enclosures for LaCie.  He dose his best nown furniture designs for Italian manufacturer kartell   Image

most of wich are made of  polycarbonate plastic he has also been involved in wind energy and produced a design for wind mills that also function as wind instruments  he has created a personal power generating wind mill (L’éolienne individuelle Pramac) that can be purchased for about $633 and generate about 20-60% of a homes energy needs.


Stark is under exclusive contract from 2007 to 2022 with night club mogul sam nazarian to design nazarian’s new hotel brand SLS Hotels ,the first property     SLS Los Angeles at Beverly hills(a massive renovation of the former Le Meridien) was opened on October 28 2008 and was entirely designed by starckImage


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