Marimekko – Successful Finish Design

Eye-catching, popping prints with flowers, spots, dots, stripes and swirls on fabrics, fashion and on its industrial product line are the unique signature of Marimekko designs.


I wanted to know if there is a meaning behind the name Marimekko and a finish friend told me that mekko stands for dress – while Mari is a name. Playing a bit around with the letters of this name I came up with Armi. I don’t know but maybe it is simple as that and the founder Armi Ratia just changed her name into Mari and here we are with Marimekko.

For the founder of the Finish textile & design company Marimekko was always a driving factor the fusion between fabric and art. Young artists developed prints for dresses with bright colours and bold black-and-white contrasts.


This driving force defines still today Marimekko’s unmistakable success story. The firm’s designers are encouraged to use their “emotional sense of what’s right for each season and to explore new ways of thinking and approaches to the colour” palette from bright to muted tones and subtle contrasts. The designers’ creativity is combined with essential elements such as instinct, passion, joy and open spirit.


If Tokyo, Berlin or New York Marimekko designs are worldwide appreciated, loved and bestsellers for over 50 years such as the classic flower design ‘unikko’.


The finish design and fashion house has recently shown its newest collection “Art of Print Making – Colour for a Season” to the local and international media and industry professionals at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Stockholm.

The todays generation of Marimekko designers and its creative management are fulfilling the founder’s legacy of doing business in a way that is growth-oriented on the international platform with the high aim to become one of the world’s leading fashion houses.



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