Philippe Starck

“I like to open the doors of the human brain” – Philippe Starck


  • Born in 1949, Starck is a French Product Designer.
  • Learnt from his aeronautic engineer father – everything should be organised elegantly and rigorously


  • He endeavours to do well, right down to the finest detail.
  • “i’m a kid who dreams and at the same time I’ve got that light-heartedness and gravity of children. I fully accept the rebellion, the subversion and the humour.”
  • In 1983 the general public discovered Philippe Stark when President Francois Mitterend chose his project to decorate the private residences at the Elysee Palace.

Philippe Starck considers himself no more an architect than a designer.


  • Starck has designed  many different things, from bathroom and kitchen designs, to a vast collection of chair and lighting designs and even toothbrushes.

mr. impossible chair

  • “If there is no vision, humane, social or loving, a project doesn’t have the legitimacy to exist” – Philippe Starck.




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