featbeat – surfing gear for seniors

Why spend your autumn years just walking on the beach and dream­­­ing? Why not try surfing and catch your wave to Hawaii? Feat Beat products can make it happen. We believe that older persons can master (beat) a new or forgotten skill (feat). Products are based on natural materials and are especially designed for comfort and safety for those less than agile.

Our products promote surfing as a component of a fitness program for seniors. We make apparel, surf mats and fins for people who desire variety and challenge.

You too can now ‘Change your life, One Wave at a Time, and have Fun’.




EMPEROR is a company which manufactures apparel for today’s dedicated snowboarder.

Like the Emperor Penguin which resides in Antarctica, our snow wear can withstand temperatures down to minus10c.  Our clothing is lightweight and stylish.

Designed for on and off the slopes Emperor uses the highest quality microfibers and merino wool.

Our jackets and pants are designed with a lightweight

3 layer system providing warmth without sacrificing flexibility and mobility.  They are waterproof, windproof, abrasion resistant and have great breathability.

Who needs to huddle when you’re wearing Emperor.


Hi Girls! Roll up the skateboard park with featbeat skateboard gear.

featbeat was founded one year ago by a young group of passionate and experienced skateboarders. The idea and philosophy of our company is that we wanted to make a difference for street life culture in our suburbs. Engaging girls such as teens and tweens to getting out with their skateboards and having fun, being sportive and socialising with each other.

featbeat’s product range spans from skateboards to a range of skateboard gears such as sport shoes, cloth, hats, glasses and protective gear. All products are locally designed and manufactured under environmental aspects, using low impact and recycled materials, The factories we work with are wind- and solar powered and featbeat wants to reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible.

Our aim is always to offer high quality products for affordable prices. The designs are funky, groovy and trendy. featbeat Skateboards are made from materials, purchased in Australia and the fashion range is made from sustainable materials such as durable hemp.

‘Girls get out there’ the place where you can meet your friends is probably around the corner and you can enjoy the highs and ups on your skateboarding.

You can be proud of this sport as YOU make a difference with becoming a featbeat skateboarder, but also as your own carbon footprint will be low as you will find your sports ground a few footsteps away.

SLOTH – “Fast and Loud!”

SLOTH is a new generation of the skateboarding and snowboarding brand for enthusiasts in all generations. They are mutant sloths. They are FAST and LOUD! There are, of course, SLOTH BOY and SLOTH GIRL products. SLOTH is anti-establishment and green-safe. SLOTH is contributing to the protection of the native forests and supports forest regeneration. The materials of the products came from recycled or renewable sources and manufactured in fair-trading environment. 

SLOTH uses materials including such as, bamboo charcoal fabrics in the board-shorts and wind-jackets, and crushed recycled glass for the grip used on SLOTH skateboards. Bamboo is today’s most renewable, sustainably grown raw material. So, you can feel good about taking another small step for the environment for using SLOTH brand products.

SLOTH logo consists of mega chillin’ cartoon characters of the mutant sloth. The characters change slightly depending on the products, for example, a SLOTH BOY might wear a cool sunnies for the skateboards and a SLOTH GIRL might wear a beanie with a flower for the snowboards. The logo’s text has to be mega contemporary style and supa cool.

They are marketed in Australia primarily, however, will be exported to Asia-Pacific region as a next step. And then, there is no reason to limit the market within the Asia-Pacific region!


Emperor: Snow Clothing and Apparel

Emperor is a snowboarding clothing and equipment brand, providing clothing and riding apparel for both guys and girls. Emperor aims at the younger ages with its design and clothing wear, from young teens to the thirties.


Emperor is a slightly upper market brand, a brand that aims for quality rather than keeping prices cheaper and this will be applied to all aspects of this company. The logo design will be strong, dominant and long lasting, as will the items of this brand.


With simple two tone stencil like designs, using a fairly reserved colour palette, but with feature colours that are associated with the Emperor brand. Because of the emperor penguin, I am thinking of using the penguin figure as a kind of motif for the brand. It will not be a major object for the brand, but something that appears within designs.


The Emperor brand deals with snowboard design, snow jackets, snow pants, hoodies, beanies, and snowboard boots to t-shirts, shorts, hats and shoes for the warmer times of the year.


STOMP – Esther

Stomp is a skateboarding brand aimed at gen y male youth,

Subcultural groups of this age bracket have been influenced into its’ design, derived from ‘gansta’ and ‘streetkids’ along with style influences from grunge and rap music culture.

Although the style of this brand resembles the clothing of rebellious youth which genuinely come from poor socioeconomic backgrounds, the company aims at youth willing to buy expensive skate brand products to look ‘cool’, in their skate subculture.

Stomp prides on its’ positive environmental impact, using mostly recycled materials in their clothing products, merchandise and packaging, The colour palette goes hand in hand with the organic nature of the company, using earthly colours and shades alongside black and white.

The symbol of a bear in the logo represents the fierceness of youth in skateboarding culture.





STOMP is a new range of surf wear, targeting people of all ages and gender who are a member of the ‘surfing’ tribe.


It is not leisure wear for pool parties, nor for baby boomers island/resort hopping in Thailand.


It references a slightly  silly dance craze from the 60’s, called ‘The Stomp’, and which was made popular with equally silly songs such as “Stomping at Maroubra’, by Little Pattie.


Right now, in the year 2013, this name, and label, carries a different message. It represents the new tribal surf culture, now totally accepted into the mainstream, by virtue of the new professionalism attached to this sport, as well as the new surfing icons who have been promoted to a new iconic and cultural status.


The cult of surfing, once considered a marginal activity, has created huge opportunities, for business in terms of surf wear manufacturing, and for surfers themselves, in terms of reaching the pinnacle of international competitive surfing. Make no mistake, surfing on both levels, is big business today.


We Australians love our sport heros and we pride ourselves on producing some of the best surfers, male and female. Back in the 60’s, the men surfed, while the girls watched and were sent for food (witness Puberty Blues, the iconic 60’s movie about this dichotomy).


Surfing attracts a ‘tribal’ sensibility. It proclaims, ‘we are the warriors of the last true frontier, where there are still real dangers and true freedom of spirit.’


Thus Stomp is a range of surf wear which reflects this new tribalism, and to which is attached a new political agenda, related to environmental issues.


Stomp is a range of surf wear which is both practical and cultural. We use materials which match the function required. For example, board shorts are quick drying and made from durable materials, sourced from ethical means of production. Anoraks and hoodies are made from cotton and microfiber. Girls beach dresses and shorts are made from 100% cotton and NOT manufactured in Bangladesh, using retro prints.


We pay homage to the past but are situated firmly in the present.