Emperor: Snow Clothing and Apparel

Emperor is a snowboarding clothing and equipment brand, providing clothing and riding apparel for both guys and girls. Emperor aims at the younger ages with its design and clothing wear, from young teens to the thirties.


Emperor is a slightly upper market brand, a brand that aims for quality rather than keeping prices cheaper and this will be applied to all aspects of this company. The logo design will be strong, dominant and long lasting, as will the items of this brand.


With simple two tone stencil like designs, using a fairly reserved colour palette, but with feature colours that are associated with the Emperor brand. Because of the emperor penguin, I am thinking of using the penguin figure as a kind of motif for the brand. It will not be a major object for the brand, but something that appears within designs.


The Emperor brand deals with snowboard design, snow jackets, snow pants, hoodies, beanies, and snowboard boots to t-shirts, shorts, hats and shoes for the warmer times of the year.



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