Empress snow products

Empress high performance bamboo hemp products  for snowboard riders are a new and environmentally friendly sustainable product range aimed at  female snowboard riders suited to children ,tweens, gen y , gen x who have a love for the environment and wish to contribute to the slowing down climate change and global warming which will lead to a more sustainable snow industry.

We now no that the polar ice caps are melting faster than ever in recorded time

And releasing catastrophic amounts of methane which is costing the economy to date the same amount as the profit  as it makes so in the future if we don’t change thing it will start costing more than the economy makes and will create more det.

Empress bamboo and hemp products focuses on sustainably sourced  local bamboo and using products that are non harmful to people or the environment and fifty percent of profits go to reducing carbon pollution keeping methane in the ground and slowing global warming .

Empress bamboo and hemp products produce snowboards  thermals , t shirts  ,jumpers , jackets , hats , beanie’s , socks and boots.


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