Hi Girls! Roll up the skateboard park with featbeat skateboard gear.

featbeat was founded one year ago by a young group of passionate and experienced skateboarders. The idea and philosophy of our company is that we wanted to make a difference for street life culture in our suburbs. Engaging girls such as teens and tweens to getting out with their skateboards and having fun, being sportive and socialising with each other.

featbeat’s product range spans from skateboards to a range of skateboard gears such as sport shoes, cloth, hats, glasses and protective gear. All products are locally designed and manufactured under environmental aspects, using low impact and recycled materials, The factories we work with are wind- and solar powered and featbeat wants to reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible.

Our aim is always to offer high quality products for affordable prices. The designs are funky, groovy and trendy. featbeat Skateboards are made from materials, purchased in Australia and the fashion range is made from sustainable materials such as durable hemp.

‘Girls get out there’ the place where you can meet your friends is probably around the corner and you can enjoy the highs and ups on your skateboarding.

You can be proud of this sport as YOU make a difference with becoming a featbeat skateboarder, but also as your own carbon footprint will be low as you will find your sports ground a few footsteps away.


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