SLOTH – “Fast and Loud!”

SLOTH is a new generation of the skateboarding and snowboarding brand for enthusiasts in all generations. They are mutant sloths. They are FAST and LOUD! There are, of course, SLOTH BOY and SLOTH GIRL products. SLOTH is anti-establishment and green-safe. SLOTH is contributing to the protection of the native forests and supports forest regeneration. The materials of the products came from recycled or renewable sources and manufactured in fair-trading environment. 

SLOTH uses materials including such as, bamboo charcoal fabrics in the board-shorts and wind-jackets, and crushed recycled glass for the grip used on SLOTH skateboards. Bamboo is today’s most renewable, sustainably grown raw material. So, you can feel good about taking another small step for the environment for using SLOTH brand products.

SLOTH logo consists of mega chillin’ cartoon characters of the mutant sloth. The characters change slightly depending on the products, for example, a SLOTH BOY might wear a cool sunnies for the skateboards and a SLOTH GIRL might wear a beanie with a flower for the snowboards. The logo’s text has to be mega contemporary style and supa cool.

They are marketed in Australia primarily, however, will be exported to Asia-Pacific region as a next step. And then, there is no reason to limit the market within the Asia-Pacific region!



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