Valerie’s Project 1 Brand Profile

Brand Profile – Feet Beat


“Coz the world’s fucked, I ride my board”


Feet Beat is a range of skate wear for the switched on ‘Fuck-you’ generation who know what’s wrong with the world and don’t want to buy into the cause.


Instead, our own lifestyles and look reflect our personal and political choice for the alternative world we want. We include bare-foot riders, urban punks, activists, hardcore straight-edgers, ferals, and emos.


The range is mega-ethical t-shirts, hoodies, patches, caps, bags, and board designs that don’t cost the world. There ain’t no blood of other people’s children hanging off us – no toxic Bangladesh high rise dust, and no orangutan body parts.


We know patriarchy is just more corporate bullshit, so our look is strictly androgenous.  Nobody is gunna tell us what we should look like and how to act, because of what you think our gender is.


Our wear tells you all this – and also lets you know that if you don’t agree with this world view, you can fuck-right-off, without us even having to even waste our breath. So we use lots of black, muted tones, and images that let you know we know what you’re doing.


What do you need to change the world? –


“2 Feet and a heart Beat”


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