Design Research – Create Brand, Business ideal for Surf Boards & Surf Gear Co.





Surfboards & Surf Gear –100% Built on an Ethically Sound Footing


Boards made from Aussie grown Paulownia and Recycled Timber


100% Australian Made


Our TShirts & Board Shorts, Hats, Sun-Capes & Sarongs are designed, printed &


Made in Oz with Organically grown Cotton & Hemp & Sustainably grown Bamboo.


..Mindful of where we tread , we’re doing good business ….


Ethically grown or made from recycled timbers, our Boards are built on the classic designs of surfing heritage and decades of surfing culture perfecting them. The truth is we love surfing and are passionate about our oceans and preserving them for the next generation of surfers. For the love of surfing, we evolved into a workshop making our own timber boards. We are now producing hand made boards from recycled and plantation grown timber and a range of ‘Surf Gear’ from sustainable and eco – friendly materials. It’s our responsibility to minimise our impact on the planet and set a good example.


Were based hinterland, near Byron Bay, Northern NSW.


We’re putting ‘Our Foot Down’ about the way things should be done – that means sustainably, environmentally friendly, promoting an eco-sensitive message out there to all – catering for young and old, surf’n lovers of sunshine, waves and the beach lifestyle, we’ve got the gear for all ages – and our new grom’s starting out. Our clothing range is touched by splashes of colour, just like nature is and compliment the chosen earth tones which are a dominant theme that match the beautiful Timbers of our Surfboards, reminisce of the original trees, ochre and our sand and pebbled beaches here in Australia.

About our Timber we use:-


Recycled timbers are accessed from demolition works, old logs and furniture. The laminates for hollow boards are made from waste strips from milling timber yards, every bit respectfully utilised, appreciating their origin. Australian Paulownia is descended from native Asia and is now an Australian Plantation timber, grown in four states. Paulownia is light in weight and pale blonde in colour with it’s own character grain but approximately the same strength as Cedar. Australian grown Paulownia is extremely stable and termite resistant. It has a magic feel like a firm balsa wood. It is very light and can be painted or stained to resemble any timber and it is great to draw on too.


We are creating artistic enviro – designs on our gear,

just to please you and Mother Nature.


The artwork designs on our Surfboards, printed onto Tshirts, Boardies, Capes and Sarongs are by local artists inspired by their love and appreciation of Mother Nature.


Our message is simply – Preservation, Conservation, Appreciation – and we’re putting our foot down about how things are made and the materials used.


Keeping the Environment in Mindfulness.

(Branding Ideal) 
Stomp Surf Gear – We’re Putting Our Foot Down & Our Other Foot Forward 



Emperor – Skate Brand

Emperor is a versatile and unisex skate brand aimed at young teenagers based on different subcultures and cultures (Grunge, Gothic & Emo). This is also reflected in the style that is used in the merchandise and branding itself. The merchandise will include skateboard decks, clothing (jumpers, hoodies, shorts and shirts) and shoes.

Because skateboarding isn’t really affected by the seasons, the merchandise can be used all year around.

The general colour palette of Emperor products will be predominantly black, grey and white with a few other colours mixed in here and there to add depth and give feeling to the merchandise. E.g. White, black & a dark blue. This in turn will also cause the brand’s merchandise to be cost effective as there isn’t an overload of colour that would otherwise make it expensive to produce.

Some of the symbols that will be used in the merchandise include skulls, robed figures, poison/gads masks. So generally dark things that tie in with the subcultures and cultures that the brand is based on.

The Emperor brand will also promote reaching out to others and raising awareness of depression in young teenagers, as it is a problem that is more common than most people think.

Stomp – Skate Brand

The name for my brand I have decided on is “stomp”. This will be a unisex skate brand. It will include skate shoe, roller skates/blades, T-shirts, clothing etc.

At the moment, My logo design is made of a handwritten Block lettered font I made/ drew, then scanned in and am currently editing and changing around colours etc.

It will be aimed more towards young people – teenagers/ young adults that come from the more regional/country areas rather than in the city setting.

Hopefully drawing inspiration from outback icons – animals, plants etc. this brand will be able to be used all year round.

Social issues to experiment with – promoting less boredom and violence amongst todays young people. Also to promote the benefits of being outside and active.

Potential colour palette – black, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink.

Symbols – Skate shoes, feet, skateboards, sun, animals, flora.

Some inspiring themes I’m looking at might be certain tribal patterns such as african tribal, either black and white or colourful. Or like this pattern image which is kind of an aztec pattern.


inspirational cake designs


Mentioned this book to Kay last week but thought it would be of interest to one & all.

Here is a link to her website. She also designs lots of great textiles and home wares such as lamps and rugs.

Well worth a look…

First a few more of the cakes. Enjoy!