Stomp – Skate Brand

The name for my brand I have decided on is “stomp”. This will be a unisex skate brand. It will include skate shoe, roller skates/blades, T-shirts, clothing etc.

At the moment, My logo design is made of a handwritten Block lettered font I made/ drew, then scanned in and am currently editing and changing around colours etc.

It will be aimed more towards young people – teenagers/ young adults that come from the more regional/country areas rather than in the city setting.

Hopefully drawing inspiration from outback icons – animals, plants etc. this brand will be able to be used all year round.

Social issues to experiment with – promoting less boredom and violence amongst todays young people. Also to promote the benefits of being outside and active.

Potential colour palette – black, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink.

Symbols – Skate shoes, feet, skateboards, sun, animals, flora.

Some inspiring themes I’m looking at might be certain tribal patterns such as african tribal, either black and white or colourful. Or like this pattern image which is kind of an aztec pattern.



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