Emperor – Skate Brand

Emperor is a versatile and unisex skate brand aimed at young teenagers based on different subcultures and cultures (Grunge, Gothic & Emo). This is also reflected in the style that is used in the merchandise and branding itself. The merchandise will include skateboard decks, clothing (jumpers, hoodies, shorts and shirts) and shoes.

Because skateboarding isn’t really affected by the seasons, the merchandise can be used all year around.

The general colour palette of Emperor products will be predominantly black, grey and white with a few other colours mixed in here and there to add depth and give feeling to the merchandise. E.g. White, black & a dark blue. This in turn will also cause the brand’s merchandise to be cost effective as there isn’t an overload of colour that would otherwise make it expensive to produce.

Some of the symbols that will be used in the merchandise include skulls, robed figures, poison/gads masks. So generally dark things that tie in with the subcultures and cultures that the brand is based on.

The Emperor brand will also promote reaching out to others and raising awareness of depression in young teenagers, as it is a problem that is more common than most people think.


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